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Parents Corner

The Sticky Truth about Gummy Vitamins. Gummy vitamins have been a very popular choice for parents since they came onto the market about 10 years ago. They taste great and they are supposed to be healthy. What could be better? There are some significant concerns associated with these vitamins, however that parents need to be aware of.

First, these vitamins are just as sticky as fruit snacks or other gummy treats. Many of them contain sugar, which allows the vitamins to stick in teeth and slowly dissolve into the pits and fissures of your child’s molars. It only takes about 20 minutes for the bacteria that form cavities to start digesting these sugars and begin making the acid that forms a cavity.

Secondly, the vitamins taste good, which has led to overdoses. Children may mistake these for snacks and take too many at one time. It is possible for a child to suffer from vitamin toxicity, which can be severe in some cases.

Most children can obtain their required nutrients from normal food groups, and may not even need vitamins. We encourage you to talk with your child’s pediatrician to determine your child’s nutritional needs.

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