Dental Emergencies for Your Child

REMEMBER: If you or your child have a severe or life-threatening dental issue call 911 immediately or go to the nearest hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

The Kidds Place offers several emergency procedures for your child. This includes chipped teeth, damaged teeth, or teeth that have been entirely knocked out of the mouth. Accidents happen! Our staff understands that.

Some of our procedures like dental bonding can be done in one visit so you don’t have to schedule several appointments in an emergency.

If your child does chip, damage, or knock out a tooth, rest assured that our staff can use a method of sedation so your child doesn’t needlessly feel any undue anxiety. We offer nitrous oxide sedation or general anesthesia so your child will be calm and relaxed while their damaged tooth is being fixed.

Emergencies are never a fun experience, our helpful and cheerful staff do our best to keep you and your child at ease during any emergency procedures. Our office is filled with different games, music, and entertainment to help take their mind off of whatever accident may have happened, and to make this moment as comfortable as possible for both of you.

Our staff also know that emergency procedures are never planned. We remain accommodating to whatever situations may arise. We do our very best to make sure you and your child will have a good experience, even when accidents happen.

We also keep you and your child together during the consult so you both know exactly what’s going to happen. If your child knows what you know, it will be a less scary experience for them.

Be sure to call our office as soon as anything happens so Dr. Luchini can be of best assistance to you!